Abat fries 5,8

Our fries topped with melted cheddar sauce, crème fraîche, crunchy bacon and fresh chives

Boniato fries 5,9

Sweet potato fries, hand peeled, with melted cheddar sauce and fresh coriander

Smashed braves 3,9

Hand-cut, even crunchier and with our after-kiss-approved home-made sauce

French fries 3,5

Our fries, hand cut and spiced with our special salt

Boniato Fries


Avo toast ABAT HIT! 5,90

Cereal toast, avocado, fried egg and seeds

Salmon toast 5,90

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, fried egg and seeds


Goat cheese & mango 4,99 / 7,99

With freeze-dried beetroot, pomegranate, toasted hazelnuts and our mango vinaigrette

Tuna 7,99

With cherry tomatoes, spring onions, carrots, hard-boiled egg, seeds and Mediterranean vinaigrette

Avocado  7,99

With parmesan cheese slices, walnuts, sundried tomato and Mediterranean vinaigrette

Salmon 8,29

Smoked salmon, crème fraîche, cashews, edamame and our Abat sauce

Caesar ABAT HIT! 4,99 / 7,99

Crunchy chicken, homemade English bread croutons, parmesan flakes, cherry tomatoes and caesar dip

Make it big. Order our new salad pack 12,99

Big salad + bowl / fries + drink

Today’s Special 8,50

Ask for today’s special, where we introduce new and seasonal products (limited units)


Pumpkin soup ABAT HIT! 4,90

Our special recipe, home-made and delicious


California chicken 10,9

Fried chicken, melted cheddar, citric mayo inside our incredible brioche bun

Abat cheeseburger 9,9

Beef burger, melted cheddar, tomato, lettuce and Abat sauce inside our incredible brioche bun

Burger trufada NEW! 11,9

Beef burger with melted cheddar cheese, crunchy bacon, fried egg, and a delicious homemade truffle sauce

Boss burger NEW! 11,9

Beef burger, double-cheddar, caramelized onion, bacon, fried egg, tomato, lettuce and Abat sauce inside our incredible brioche bun

Veggie burger NEW! 11,9

Veggie burger with melted cheddar cheese, homemade truffle sauce, crispy onion, and a fried egg

Upgrade your burger ordering
our burger lover’s pack

Your fav burger* + homemade fries + drink


Salmon lover NEW! 8,90

Flatbread stuffed with smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, lettuce mixture, and Abat sauce

Chicago 8,50

Lettuce, ham, fried egg, chicken, tomato and mayonnaise on three layers sandwich of English bread

Tuna 6,90

English bread with a hard-boiled egg, tuna, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato

Bages 7,90

Catalan sausage, plum jam, green pepper and melted cheese

Chicken complet 6,90

Baguette bread with chicken breast, lettuce, hard-boiled egg and tomato


Grilled ham and cheese 4,9
French omelette 3,5 / 4,9
Bacon ⁄ pork loin 3,5 / 4,9
Bacon ⁄ pork loin + cheese 5,6
Hot dog, bacon and cheese 6,2


Breakfast pancakes 5,79

Three pancakes with bacon, a fried egg, agave syrup and fresh chive

Nutella pancakes ABAT HIT! 5,39

Three stacked pancakes with nutella

Dulce de leche pancakes 5,39

Three stacked pancakes with dulce de leche

Toppings 0,60

Upgrade your pancakes with oreo or chips ahoy


Fresh fruit bowl 3,9

Pick three pieces of fruit

Natural yoghurt bowl 4,3

With muesli and seasonal fruit

Nutella and fruit croissant 4,5

Cakes on display 4,2

Pastries on display


Espresso 1,4
Cortado 1,6
Latte 1,7
Americano 1,6
Capuchino 2
Cacaolat 2,75
Hot chocolate 3,5


Orange 3,20
Orange and carrot 3,95
Pineapple, apple and lemon 3,95


Canned beverages 2,45
Mineral water 1,85
Sparkling water 2,45
Bitter kas 2,5
Tonic 2,6
Apple cider 3,2

Kombucha 3,9

Resulting from the natural fermentation of tea, it’s sweet, rich in probiotics, and with less sugar than conventional soft drinks


Glass 2,10
Mug 33ml 2,65
Mug 1/2 l 3,65
Desperados 3,70
Mahou torrada 0,0 2,85
San miguel sense gluten 2,85


Tea / infusion 2,40

Ask for our tea and infusion menu

Chai latte ABAT HIT! 3,70

A sweet drink made with frothy milk, black tea, and a mixture of spices

Matcha latte 4

Japanese green tea infused with milk

*boss burger ⁄ veggie trufada supl. 1 eur.